Thursday, 7 February 2019

The week after the worlds felt quite flat, I was busy at work, so didn't have too much time to train or think about my plans. On the Thursday I went to the Pickwick Bicycle Club's (of which I am a member)  Xmas lunch at the new Connaught Rooms in London. Liam Killeen came with me , along with several friends and we had a good day out.

An idea had begun to take grip on my mind, that I wanted to carry on training until the end of the season and have a go at winning the national championships. I still felt some what thwarted by the world championships and still felt I had something to prove and achieve. The problem I had was that on the 13th December, I was due to fly out to New Zealand for a 3 week family holiday over Xmas and new year. If I was to have any chance of keeping my fitness, I was going to have to take a bike with me! With Wendy going along with my plan, I packed up my mountain bike and  with the promise to the family that the biking would be definitely a secondary consideration, we flew out to New Zealand to start our family adventure.

 Wow what a holiday  we had! We landed in Christchurch on south island  and the plan was to spend the 3 weeks touring the island to see the sights with lots of hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking thrown! Wendy had done a great job planning the accommodation and she had arranged a perfect balance of travelling, rest and recuperation and activities. Jack was the first of the 'children' to join us after 2 days and then Katie after a week and then finally Sam after 10 days, with his girl friend Suzie  joining us from Melbourne over new year.

In New Zealand there is a new fantastic sight round every corner and we were blessed with great weather and we could not have wished for a better holiday. I managed to find some great mountain bike trails, especially round Wanaka , Arrowtown and Hokatika and even managed to ride in a 65 km mountain bike race in Bannockburn. Apart from the race, the riding was not super intense, but I felt I was keeping my form and loving the warm weather riding. The main things was it was a great place to get the family together and we had a great time catching up and enjoying each others company.
Above at the Pickwick bike club and below memories of New Zealand


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