Monday, 12 February 2018

The cross season is over and to be honest I am quite missing the racing!

2 weeks of trade shows has meant I have had an enforced break from training too. It is surprising how guilty you can feel, for not going out training! The body probably needed a rest but even still, you do get a strange feeling that you don't want to let all that hard earned fitness slip away!

I had one week  down at the London toy fair and then a week in Germany at shows in Frankfurt and Nurenberg. Apart from Boris biking round London, the only training I could do was run, which I did most days. It was quite an experience running in the dark round Kensington gardens and Hyde park at 7 in the morning. It was quite busy with runners and dog walkers, but it was amazing how big the parks are; I ran for 30 minutes and could barely hear the hum of traffic.

As weekends had been taken up with racing for most of the winter, it was good to snatch a weekend in Rome with friends, to see England play Italy at Rugby. I did organise a bike tour round the city though for everyone which was  a great way of seeing everything. Yes Rome was built on 7 hills! 

The motivation is still strong and am really grateful for all the support from my sponsors and  friends, who have supported
There is already a large group of friends and family who have booked to go to Belgium in November, so there is no going back on my plans now!! 

I have been making plans with my coach Charlie Evans, so I use the summer wisely, to build a really good base fitness for next season. The gym work is painful, but as they say there is no gain without pain...! I am putting together a good MTB cross country race programme this summer, which should be fun. Mountain bikes were not invented when I stopped racing in the 1980's so this is going to be a whole new experience!  I have done several sessions down at the Forest of Dean and am loving it (despite the awful weather!)

I am looking forward now to the next phase of training and preparation!
 Global Opportunities in London
 Chillafish in Nurenberg
 Bex Sport in Nurenberg
 Nova Rico globes in Frankfurt
 Biking through St peters Square on Rome bike trip
  Come on England at the rugby in the Olympic Stadium