Monday, 18 December 2017

Season is well under way!

2 months into the season and the body seems to be gradually remembering what to do! I am far from being at my best, but I still have a year to go, but the race results are improving week, by week. 12th at Blackwell Court, 10th in Midlands Champs and 3rd at Hengrove leisure park. It has taken a while to learn how to race again. The technique is largely still there, but a mistimed jump onto the bike last Sunday, ended in tears, literally! A rolled around on the floor for a good 15 seconds, to the amusement of those watching! By the time I had composed myself and made the odd adjustment, I thought I had better get moving again, but the 2 leaders had unceremoniously headed off into the distance! The good news, there was no permanent damage done and I had proved for half the race that I could keep with the leaders

Courses have changed some what since the 1980's. There seems less running now, except for the odd  hop over hurdles and there seem to be a lot of unnecessary twisty turns, which seem only to serve to get you wrapped up in the tape!

I have now started working with a new coach, Charlie Evans and he has helped put together some training schedules and I send him my training files, with my cadence, heart rate etc, on a daily basis to get feedback. Fred Salmon at The Bike Factory in Whaley Bridge kindly hosted a fitness test, where Charlie put me through a gruelling series of endurance and speed/power tests on the turbo trainer, to check where my fitness currently is. OMG that was a tough session! It has been good though to put some structure to what I am doing and this will give a good base for the training next year

The bike pits are a new addition to cyclo cross and in order to look the part (and be well prepared!) I have invested in a jet wash to speed up the bike cleaning! (sods law it hasn't been needed since I got it as courses haven't been muddy enough!)  

I am now off to Thailand for 2 weeks, for Xmas and new year to meet up with all the family. Sam is flying in from Melbourne and Katie from Hong Kong. Xmas and new year in the sun! I am taking my cross bike, so the Second wind colours will be seen around the island of Phuket! Next race is scheduled to be the National Trophy in Suffolk and then the National Champs!