Wednesday, 18 October 2017

In the last week, I have put in some hard training, including running, pilates,cycling on and off road, with some early morning and evening rides in the dark. The body is complaining, with a sore back and aching limbs, but there is no gain without pain!

I have decided to seek some professional help with my training, as clearly my body is in a different state now to when I was training at 18. Also on nutrition, things have changed hugely since the 1980's and I need to take a modern approach. More to follow on both these things.

Race 3 at Baggeridge near Dudley on Sunday, saw a big field of nearly 90 in the over 50's. The gridded start saw me only on row 4, which is quite a handicap, because it is easy to lose almost 30-45 seconds on the leaders quite quickly as you get baulked by other riders. 40 years a go starts were almost always in a long line, to give everybody a fair chance

I had no mechanical trouble in the race and in dry fast conditions, no bike changes were necessary. I did have a fall, which I only had myself to blame for and finally finished 20th, but physically I felt stronger and feel I am getting more used to the racing now.

It will now be a couple of weeks, before I race again, because I am off to Australia to see my son Sam in Melbourne and then on to Hong Kong to visit my daughter. Not ideal for my training, but will be doing my best to keep active while away! 

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